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Custom framing is an unbelievably time consuming and labor intensive process, couple this with the high price of gold and you can see why quality frames are nearly out of reach for the average artist. We have a simplified sytem that helps us get quality frames to a few select artists in a timely manner. Are you one of them?

We are happy to help you design a custom look for your art that allows your work to stand alone.

We specialize in distressed 12 and 22 karat gold finishes.

Faux wood panels are beautiful and can accentuate in a subtle way.

22 Karat

Painted panel

Vintage Frames


Vintage Frames is a small boutique style frame company helping artists design and create frames for their work at an affordable price point. Working predominently in karat gold and with a limited number of customers, each frame is built by hand, from scratch, in our small atelier in Mapleton, Utah.  801-318-3300

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