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A Beautiful Disaster - Mud Wrestling

My first night out and I made the ultimately disasterous decision to pull off onto a dirt road and camp. Unfortunately, it led up a steep hill, and in the dark I decided to wait until morning to make the trek back down the hill. At 5:00 am this morning I awoke to what can only be described as a deluge and basically there was no way off the mountain, after a call to a towing service (and another to my insurance company to upgrade to full coverage), I got out and chained up as I waited for the tow truck.

The mud was nothing short of ridiculous, the clay in it made it so difficult to do anything! The worst part was the way it made the tires slide wherever the fallline of the mountain was, mostly towards a massive cliff.

The tow truck driver tied off behind me to try and keep me on the road on our way down, and as I started down, I looked up and noticed I couldn't see him behind me. After a moment I finally did see him; sitting there at the top of the hill! Apparently the chain had come loose and I was headed down alone the muddy hillside alone, luckily I hadn't hit the steepest part and was able to stop while he hurried down to reconnect the vehicles.

Eventually, one terrifying hairpin turn after the next, we both made it to the bottom alive and breathed some sighs of relief. I am eternally grateful for that tow trucker, there is no way I would've gotten off that mountain without him!

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