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The website finally has an RSS feed so you have the capacity to sign up and be made aware of new Blog posts as they happen, which by my reckoning, will actually create some desire on my part to do some posting!

Currently I am hanging out with Zen (my dog) at our fishing lodge in Swan Valley ID. doing a little painting as I get ready for Kneeland Gallery's 25th anniversary Plein Air show. I'm really excited to see everyone, after all these years it's more like a family reunion than an art show, just the way I like it.

Here is a little piece I did yesterday mid day, a quick hour or so sketch. I'm exploring the idea of letting the image evolve while I focus on mark making and value/color, it's an interesting shift for me and I plan to explore it this week. The major change is a release of my general use of a tight drawing / underpainting and utilizing rather a rough outline based on a "sense" of whats being perceived versus trying to tightly lock down an image. The resulting painting may not look much different at first glance but the overall feeling is quite refreshing for me and I'm enjoying the exploration of canvas from a different perspective.


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