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A Beautiful Disaster - Disaster Strikes Again

Just outside of Bayfield I passed a large murder of crows and decided I needed some photos of them perched around their carrion so I turned around and prepared my camera so I could shoot them while driving by so as not to startle them. Good idea.

Wrong, I had my eyes off the road long enough to find myself and my rig off the road as well.

I realized I was going to roll the AAV if I tried to turn it back onto the road so I followed the lay of the land into a quagmire, the storm that had just passed through had saturated everything.

I spent a couple of hours waiting for CHP and the tow truck and had a very nice chat with Sandy Fenske and her husband whose front yard I ended up in. We are now Facebook friends as she followed along on my Colorado journey.

The storm put down a LOT of water asevidenced by my new tire setup (completely caked with mud) after being towed to safety.

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